Creating a strategy that develops talent and creates success

Managing a business takes a lot of work; there’s planning to be made, deadlines to be met and meetings to attend, and whilst all of this is going on, taking the time to set up a strategy that focuses on your employees and their growth may take a back seat. However, although this might not seem a priority at the time, your business will reap from multiple benefits if your employees’ development is given the right attention. By investing in your staff you will be creating a culture that attracts potential recruits whilst retaining existing ones. So, how can you do this?


  1. Training and Workshops

Before compiling any material, start off by thinking of the people that you will have in the room. Assessing their needs and requirements whilst keeping in mind any risks that might be present will allow you to create a training programme that is tailored towards your participants, resulting in them understanding you better and retaining the material for longer. When creating the resources, keep in mind the various learning styles that your participants might have. By doing so, the delivery will be much more effective.

Whilst it is essential to provide training during the initial stages of recruitment, it is as important that this is maintained. Consider options such as workshops to provide your employees with refreshers or additional information.


  1. Support your employees during working hours

Employees will inevitably at some point be faced with situations that they are unsure of. This is why it is important that they have experienced dedicated individuals to help them out in their role. Having employees unsure of what to do can raise feelings of helplessness and frustration which can then lead to demotivation. On the other hand, having a support unit that helps them bridge any gaps will empower them and boost their confidence levels, resulting in them performing better.


  1. Dedicated leaders

Assigning dedicated leaders to your teams for support in their role will boost their performance. Allow your leaders to have essential 1-to-1 meetings with their team members to discuss their performance and time at work. Such conversations will give your employees the opportunity to raise any points that they would like to discuss – in an environment that makes them feel at ease – before they turn into issues and become more difficult to resolve. Such interactions will help your employees develop a better relationship with their leaders. As a result, your employees will be more likely to start modelling the performance of their leader, learning more from them and aiming to perform better.


  1. Coaching

Coaching sessions are the perfect opportunity to help your employees improve their performance. By giving them the exposure of going over their own performance, you will be able to highlight their strengths which will boost their morale whilst creating a comfortable space to discuss any opportunities for development. Set S.M.A.R.T. actions to discuss during follow-up sessions to keep the progression on-going. Take this as an opportunity to get your employees to talk about their performance and answer any questions that they might have.


  1. Development Plans

The best way to start is to sit down with your employees and have a chat about which area of the business they would like to get more exposure to and then create a plan and set goals. Clear progression paths will motivate your employees to perform better whilst learning new skills. You will be easing them into the role whilst giving them the opportunity to determine whether the development area is a career path that they actually want to pursue. Your leaders will benefit from this as well as they will be able to delegate certain tasks and shift their focus to other areas that they might have not be able to before, due to time-constraints. Should any progression opportunities arise after this has been done and the said employees are successful with their application, you will notice that the time that you will need to train them in their new role will be less due to having visibility prior.


The new employees of today might be your leaders of tomorrow. This is why supporting your employees’ growth will ultimately support your company’s growth and create an environment that employees are happy to be a part of.


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