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Centrecom is present in Malta, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, to service companies anywhere in the world. Our offices are strategically positioned to take advantage of the cultural and language resources available in our countries of operation. The Malta Contact Centre targets mostly Europe and other worldwide destinations. The other centres are targeted towards Australia, New Zealand and Asian/Pacific Clients.

Our knowledge and expertise cover a variety of industries such as aviation, utilities, e-commerce, online classifieds, finance, i-Gaming, and tourism. Our clients are unique both in their requirements and objectives, so we create individually tailored solutions.

Our contact centre is manned by native English speakers, as well as a multi-language team, able to speak more than seven languages – so that we can definitely speak your customers’ language.

By understanding your specific needs and wants, we can offer an integrated set of services that support your customer lifecycle’s requirements.

Centrecom is a multilingual international contact centre company offering back and front office services

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