While society continues to better understand the Importance of Customer Service The Importance of Customer Service we still come across business who haven’t drawn up a Customer Centric Strategy.


In other blogs we have looked at the benefits that arise for Companies who invest in Customer Service, but the reality remains that although some companies are understanding the importance of this sector in their business, they are not planning well – and this is where a Customer Centric Strategy can help.


Customer Centricity is not only understanding the importance of Customer Service to your business, but it is a way of managing your business by:

  • Providing a positive customer experience
  • Continuously analyzing the customer’s journey, identifying what works, what needs to change and what can be improved; and
  • Recognizing the customer’s value to engage both customer loyalty and maximize business return.


In our upcoming blogs this month, we will be focusing on the three areas above (Customer Experience; Customer Journey; and Customer Value), but since charity starts at home, here’s some tips you can take on to start building a Customer Centric culture in your organization:

  1. Incorporate the importance of a Customer-Centricity in your organisation’s values
  2. Create awareness of the customer’s value to your organization at all levels, from the Customer Service Agents to the Leaders, to the Senior Management in your company
  3. Empower your front liners to put your customers first, understand the customer and encourage them to relay back feedback that will improve the customer journey.



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