Careers in the Customer Service Outsourcing industry

Last month we explored the various benefits, and tricks of the trade of how to be the best Outsourcing Provider.  This month, focus lies on the employee, the team member working within the Outsourcing Industry.


Let’s start by explaining in brief what the Customer Service Outsourcing industry is about – in simple terms, it’s when a company partners up with another company to handle the Customer Support on their behalf.


We met up with our HR Manager, Alicia, to give us an insight into recruiting and working within the Customer Service Outsourcing industry.  She stated that the main challenge remains answering or rather tackling three (3) main perceptions which we will be addressing in this week’s blog:

  • How can one work with a company who is offering the service on behalf of another?
  • What are the traits/skills required in this industry?
  • And ultimately, is there a career path within the Customer Service Outsourcing Industry?


What it means to work within a Customer Service Outsourcing Industry

From an employer’s point of view, it requires a lot of work to recruit employees who will be representing your company but primarily delivering the service on behalf of another company/client.  Therefore, ensuring job security, and placing importance on keeping our client’s brand safe is crucial in working within this industry – and this is the message we deliver to all our employees from interview stage right up until the employment period.

“Experience has shown us that once our employees are happy at their work place, and understand their tasks and responsibilities, they become accountable for every client they represent, to the point that we hear them speak of the client as if it was their own business and all they want to do is ensure that our client’s product/service excels.”


What skills do I need to become part of this industry?

When speaking to Anna, a Team Leader within the company who has been in the industry for over five (5) years, she said that the main skills one must have is being able to communicate, listen to what the client requires, observe and evaluate the client’s customers’ needs whilst being proactive in sharing experiences with the client and customers to deliver an optimum service.

Leanne, a Customer Service Agent, summed this up very short and sweet saying that the most essential skill when working within this industry is “taking ownership of the client’s service and being able to deliver a service that you as a customer would want”.


Can I build a career by working in the Customer Service Outsourcing Industry?

“The opportunities are endless”, Maria said.  “I’ve been working in the Customer Service Outsourcing Industry for the past 10 years and the key to this has always been 1. A passion for customer service, 2. Putting your customer at the heart of whatever task you need to deliver and 3. Being ready to explore different fields.” The Customer Service Outsourcing Industry opens up an array of roles not only in delivering first hand customer service, but also opportunities within Quality Assurance, Leadership, Workforce Management, Operations and many more.


Centrecom, a leading company in Europe with the Customer Service Outsourcing Industry, promotes internal progression and building career paths for its employees – are you ready to join the team and be a part of this fun, ever-growing and passionate world of Customer Service? Come and join us on our Recruitment Open Day on Saturday 1st December 2018, or else follows us on our Centrecom Careers page on Social Media – Facebook @centrecom careers and Instagram @insta_centrecom


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