“Tailoring their operating model to cater for our cultural demands and sensitivities”

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The Client's Story The Client comes from the Social Care Industry, and is committed to help customers of all ages from birth into retirement live a socially acceptable life by providing financial assistance and helping [...]

Outsourcing Back Office Work: Why you should Outsource

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With Back Office work often being put at the back of the operations, we often don't understand that such tasks are often the backbone of a company's operation. Have you ever considered the advantages that Outsourcing of such Back Office work brings along? Have a quick read through as to what type of work can be outsourced and the benefits of outsourcing this.

Extending your Market Presence – General Sales Agencies in the Airline Industry

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Did you know that despite the online travel market presence, General Sales Agency (GSA) still play a significant role in an Airline's marketing strategy that at times can bring back 10-20% growth each each year? Have a look at this blog to get a quick insight at the benefits of Airlines partnering up with a reliable GSA

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