There is a huge competition in the market for labour, i.e. employees. Businesses are looking to expand and are open for new positions. This means that from the HR perspective, there is a great deal of pressure for the organization to keep their most talented resources and provide them with the best benefits to retain them in the long run.

Following are the challenges in Employee Retention:

  1. Salary Dissatisfaction: Every employee has high salary expectations and this is one of the major reasons, why an employee quits the organization. Remaining competitive in the market, but at the same time keeping up to the ever increasing salary expectations by employees’ remains a challenge.
  2. Job opportunities are high: There is a clear competition to attract the best talent in the market. Companies go a long way to lure talented resources from their competitors. Availability of such lucrative offers makes it difficult to retain good resources for long.
  3. Hiring the wrong candidate: Recruitment plays an important role in the future of any organization. The right candidate hiring procedure is a crucial part of that promising future for the company.
  4. No Job Rotation: Any employee knows that after years, doing the same job will get boring. If the company can ensure job rotation every once in a while so that they will experience different roles and sections, it can keep employees happier.
  5. Unrealistic expectations of employees: One most know that it is not possible for an organization to meet each and every expectation of every employee. With so many opportunities out there, sometimes employees come up with unrealistic expectations that make it difficult for employers to retain employees.

Effective HR functions can help ensure that every employee establishes a long term association with the company beyond the pay cheque; companies need to go that extra mile for their employees for them to stay long-term.


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