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Government Entities

We’ve been working with government entities for many years, mainly since 2010 when a number of Maltese government entities joined our client portfolio.

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Since 1989, the Aviation industry has been at the heart of our operations, as well as close to the heart of our shareholders. Our group of companies currently works with twelve world renowned airlines, providing full 24/7 customer support operations to three airlines and regional sales support to other nine airlines from our center’s in Malta and Fiji.

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We work with the biggest online classifieds brands in the world and have worked in the Classifieds industry since early 2012. We have developed a range of services to help classifieds sites inspire user trust.

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In a world where eCommerce technology is widely available to all big and small, the true differentiator remains the quality of your customer service. This is where Centrecom has become a one stop shop for projecting eCommerce websites into the realms of excellent customer service.

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Financial Services

At Centrecom, we have provided services to this industry since 2012, one that is fast growing in Malta and Europe alike.

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Our portfolio also naturally includes a growing number of iGaming and Lottery companies. Over the years we have developed our fraud detection and contact centre experience within the classifieds industry into a service tailored for the iGaming industry. Our services can seamlessly integrate across all touch-points and platforms providing a friction-less customer journey on any iGaming site.

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