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We work with the biggest online classifieds brands in the world and have worked in the Classifieds industry since early 2012. We have developed a range of services to help classifieds sites inspire user trust; we help our classifieds clients filter user content whilst providing multi channel customer support. More trust means more conversions and this is key to a successful classifieds business.

We cover all the important aspects of classifieds sites, offering a one stop shop for requirements covering all major aspects of your online classifieds business including fraud monitoring, user generated content (UGC), moderation and customer service.

Centrecom multi-channel customer service covers all your touch-points, with the aim to create a seamless customer journey across all mediums including voice, social media, live-chat and email as well as all platforms, including mobile and desktop.

We understand that the main focus is to help your business grow through increasing traffic and increasing conversions. This is why we focus on your targets, making sure that the set-up we offer you is easily scalable to larger influx, at any time. When required, we can also provide outbound calls in order to boost your business and acquire more traffic and/or customers.

We train our agents very meticulously and also design an internal process that gives our clients maximum control. From daily reports to on-site checks and monthly all hands meetings, we tailor-make the service to suit the level of control you want over your operations. We make sure that all the infra structural and human resource needs are seen to and can be scaled down or up, according to fluctuating needs regulating your expenses without ever compromising on quality.

It is important to build trust as most purchases on classifieds site come through repeat visitors. Every user is an opportunity to grow your business. This is why we believe every customer is precious to building your business and its reputation. We do our best to listen to what your customers are saying on the phone and through digital media and feed the information back to you to help you take managerial decisions.

Fraud prevention is another important area we focus on. It is important to detect, stop and profile the devices fraudsters use on your site, thus stopping fraudsters from their source.

At Centrecom we have powerful tools, sources and ways how to analyse and profile fraudulent adverts and accounts in order to gain insight into how different fraudsters are utilising your site.

We utilise the insights to proactively detect suspicious activity live onsite to minimize fraudsters’ exposure and restrict account access through searching via the internal system and web-screening on the live website. We also escalate system enhancements for fraudulent adverts and accounts to be detected prior going live onsite. We liaise with Fraud third parties to report cases of fraud on behalf of victims and the Police to provide any information requested for criminal investigations and prosecutions. Finally, we escalate Spoof and Phishing websites for shutdown, to limit fraudsters compromising genuine users’ accounts.

We have developed a number of services and service clusters to fulfill the requirements of the Classifieds Industry.

These services are:

  • Content Moderation and Fraud Detection.
  • Outbound and Inbound Sales Services (for customer acquisition).
  • Social Media Listening and Monitoring.
  • Multilingual, 24/7 and Volume based Overflow services.
  • Premier contact centre services.

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