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Financial Services

There are several reasons for companies within the Financial services industry to consider outsourcing to a premier call centre. At Centrecom, we have provided services to this industry since 2012, one that is fast growing in Malta and Europe alike. This particular industry can benefit greatly from outsourcing its call centre operations to reduce call centre operating and information technology costs.

An overall improvement in customer service is also our target. By training agents to cross-sell services and provide up to the minute information which is correct and provided in the languages required, people’s perception and trust is increased, resulting in more investment.

Some financial services clients such as banks may also opt to use our services to extend their in-house customer care operations by increasing the number of languages available. Or, by extending their hours to 24/7 service. At Centrecom we provide overflow services, in terms of language, night-time agents and volume support. All three improve the quality of your customer service and therefore the perception and equity of your financial service company.

Your financial services call centre can be easily scalable too. Increasing and decreasing resources become much easier when outsourcing your financial services customer support call centre.

We have developed a number of services and service clusters to fulfill the requirements of the financial services industry.

These services are:

  • Outsourced Multi Channel Complete coverage Contact Centre Services
  • Outbound and Inbound Sales / Research
  • Inbound and Premier Services
  • Multilingual, 24/7 and Volume based Overflow services

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