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Our portfolio also naturally includes a growing number of iGaming and Lottery companies. Over the years we have developed our fraud detection and contact centre experience within the classifieds industry into a service tailored for the iGaming industry. Our services can seamlessly integrate across all touch-points and platforms providing a friction-less customer journey on any iGaming site.

Our Overflow services are ideal for gaming start-ups because we can offer the flexibility of basic call centre services (calls, chat, social media and email) with the option to add languages or more agents, any time this is required. Scalability is extremely important when setting up a gaming company as we all know that traffic volumes can change overnight as new trusted affiliates come on board.

We have created service packages especially tailored for the busy iGaming start-up, setting them up for scalability and fast growth. To help start-ups budget, we provide volume based pricing which allows you to scale your spend according to the number of customers and therefore have a stronger, closer relationship with your spend and revenue.

Our Premier contact centre services can also provide a tailored offering, based on the needs of your VIP affiliates. This can really help boost your relationship with affiliates as well as your whole business. We also couple this with proactive outbound sales which can help reactivate old customers and affiliate relationships.

We have developed a number of services and service clusters to fulfill the requirements of the Gaming Industry.

These services are:

  • Payments and Fraud Detection for iGaming
  • Outsourced Multi Channel Complete coverage Contact Centre Services
  • Outbound and Inbound Sales /Research
  • VIP Premier Contact Centre Services
  • Multilingual, 24/7 and Volume based Overflow services

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