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Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the only true competitive advantage left in our age.

Customer experience mapping is one of the modern phenomena that all businesses are taking on board. Whether you sell sandwiches, dresses or puppies, your customer’s experience is charged with emotions and these emotions will effect your brand’s reputation and ultimately your profits.

Your customers’ experience starts from the moment they hear your brand’s name for the first time, to the moment they pay for your product and hold it in their hands. It also especially extends into after sales support and customer service across all your online and offline touch-points.

The customer experience may shift platform often, starting on the internet, spilling over into your retail outlet and ending at your customer service desk on Facebook. The biggest challenge with such complex customer journeys is to provide consistently good quality support across all channels.

This is why outsourcing customer support is becoming more common. In today’s world companies of all sizes are expected to offer good customer care and a positive customer experience. However the overheads and expenses of running and staffing a multi-channel operation with a good level of service can be prohibitive.

We provide a solid technical platform, a proactive innovative approach and a myriad of customisable services that can help any company, big or small provide high quality customer service.

With special attention to detail we work closely with our clients to create memorable brand experiences that provide meaningful engagement for valuable Brand connections – we help you create Brands that are easy to love.

  • Treating each client as an individual and every client is important.
  • Learning each client’s product/service in full detail and taking on the project with the mind-set that ‘we’ are the client – Keeping the demarcation between the client and Centrecom as transparent as possible.
  • Providing the client with fully-trained and knowledgeable employees.
  • Creating detailed and specific operations manual and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each client.
  • Monitoring comments on clients online (particularly on Facebook and newspapers).

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