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What are your customers saying about you?

A Brand’s reputation is a big part of its equity. Monitoring this reputation, especially online, through social listening is a very important way of safeguarding one’s Brand.

Customer Service and Brand reputation go hand in hand. Whilst offering customer contact through social platforms we also listen to what is being said about your brand in order to interject any public qualms clients might create and resolving them with urgency.

We can also listen out for bugs on your website, usability friction and any other important factor that might be effecting your users experience and therefore your customers’ loyalty.

We work with our clients to improve their customer service through customer journey mapping and data analysis. This helps us provide small ways of making a big difference to our customers’ bottom line by vastly improving the customer journey through small changes that are all in the detail.

  • Creating and managing an emotional brand experience.
  • Working with the client to create Lines of Business (LOBs) to gather data on the nature of the calls – using this data to come up with recommendations to improve the customer service.
  • Target the customer’s main queries.
  • Educating the customer.
  • Better promoting the client’s service/product.

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