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Quality Assurance

Promising quality and peace of mind.

As a customer-centric company with many years’ experience, we understand that quality customer service is key to our customers’ success. This is why we have spent a long time focusing on developing a strong platform and systemised training coupled with a strong recruitment process that promises to deliver assured quality.

We focus on providing you with the confidence that your quality requirements will be fulfilled. We offer numerous ways of measuring the quality of the service being offered:

Quality Assurance

  • Creating a quality audit system specific for each client.
  • Monthly checks of the agents’ calls.
  • Holding calibration sessions – internally and at times with the client.

Specialised Training

  • Delivering in-house training not only on the client’s product/service but also on customers service.
  • Keeping agents updated through a 1-2-1 approach but also through refresher workshops.
  • Creating a specific training plan and training modules for each project.

Customer Surveys

An effective Question and Answer method, with feedback from real customers usually asked at the end of a call or digital interaction such as email, sms, social messaging or chat. The survey is usually made up of one simple question which begets direct feedback about their experience with customer service or directly asks a question that helps you find your company’s Net Promoter Score.

Performance Reports

Our real-time performance reports provide a quantitative real-time overview of the quality metrics commonly used to measure actual performance such as total calls taken, average call handle time, first-call resolution etc.

Call Recording

Real-time call monitoring and post-call reviews of such recordings are perceived by some as the most effective ways of quality assurance, providing the supervisors with touch-points of real conversations. Call recordings can give you insight into short-term problems helping you resolve them faster. They also provide a very good way of randomly monitoring the quality of customer service interactions.

Multi-Channel Reports

Reports covering and comparing feedback from various touch-points including social, chat and mobile help our customers get a detailed overview if how they are perceived on the various platforms and how the customer experience and brand royalty vary.

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