When we live in a world with so many opportunities for employment, so many new industries to tap in and explore, it has become more important for Employers to focus on Employee Retention and work on maintaining an effective relationship with their employees.


We sat down with two key people in our HR Department, Alicia our HR Manager, and Sarah our HR executive.

Alicia and Sarah started out by saying that we are all employees, so the first step in maintaining an effective relationship is actually always keeping the other person in mind and shift to looking at things from the other perspective.  However, they also told us, that an employee / employer relationship, is like any other relationship, it’s all about BALANCE!


Believe – it is important to recognize the value of your employees – showing employees that you believe in the important role your employees have and that they are not just a number in your headcount can only strengthen your employee/employer relationship

Assist – making sure employees are not just a number requires other skills such as the ability to assist and supporting your employees.   Show and practice empathy when dealing with employees, whether it is work-related or when handling personal issues.

Listen – it is important for any employer to listen to employee’s feedback and get their input; even if the feedback / request is ‘negative’ or not something that you as an employer can accommodate.  Create an environment where your employees feel they can speak up and that you will listen.

Appreciate – Appreciate your employees and recognize their achievements. Let them know you know your business will not be successful without them (sometimes a small gesture, like a ‘thank you’ can mean the world)

Nurture – a key factor of employee retention is career progression and development.  Create an environment where you can help your employees grow, where you can nurture their skills and help them up the career ladder.

Communicate – communication is not just relaying feedback down and listening to your employees, it’s also about being present and accessible.  Remember, communication can be verbal and non-verbal!

Encourage – this is not only about encouraging employees individually, but it is also about encouraging other traits such as teamwork, punctuality, open-communication, positivity and much more.


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