We have discussed the benefits of outsourcing from all angles, pointing out that when a company makes the decision to outsource, it must make some well calculated research.  Once a company decides to outsource, it must ensure that it looks for that Business Process Outsourcing provider who will do the work for a price the company can afford, and who is aligned to their requirements.  So we have come up with some tips to plan outsourcing.


Here is how you can minimize risk and increase success!

  • You need to define specific goals, such as reducing costs, focus more on efficiency;
  • You need participants from many areas of expertise to provide input to the plan, to verify expectations and to provide a good result;
  • You need to look for Business Process Outsourcing providers who ideally know your industry and have worked in it before;
  • You need to have a scope and a plan so that your eyes will be on the prize and minimizes costs.


Once you’ve done all the above, and selected your Business Process Outsourcing provider, make sure to keep in mind the following items:

  • Ensure that your Security policies cover data classification, which will distinguish between sensitive and common data, and that your Business Process Outsourcing provider is aware of these policies;
  • Make sure you cascade your knowledge and techniques of your work to your Business Process Outsourcing provider – this will ensure that the Business Process Outsourcing provider has all the tools and knowledge right from the start of your collaboration;
  • Plan regular review meetings and audits so that any loopholes and issues are immediately identifiable.
  • Before outsourcing any work to the partners, find out what type of prevention technology they use, what strategies they have for innovation and that they ensure business continuity.

If you’re looking for that Business Process Outsourcing provider that will focus on maintaining a strong relationship with your organisation, look no further.  Centrecom has you covered! Ready to talk? Get in touch:


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