In today’s world and fast-paced lifestyle, the saying “time is money” is gaining more prominence.  Companies, no matter how big or small, know that with the continuous changes to technology, and the ever-increasing demands and expectations of customers world-wide, being efficient and productive is crucial for any company looking to grow.


Over the years, more and more companies choose to outsource parts of their business in order to increase efficiencies.  But the question remains, how will companies know when to outsource? And is there a checklist on what companies can outsource?


Here’s a quick guide to help companies plan outsourcing:

  1. Evaluate costs and plan ahead – while in the long run, outsourcing will reduce costs, particularly in terms of human resources and technology, outsourcing is still an expense that companies take on. Therefore, like all expenses, make sure that you budget and plan ahead for the costs that will come along.
  2. Look at what motivates your drive to outsource – consider all factors that are driving you to outsource; look at all aspects, starting from your brand reputation, to your customer engagement. When you choose the right provider, outsourcing brings a about a positive change, but as happens with any change, it must be well planned and executed.
  3. Take a calculated risk – outsourcing entails opening the doors to your business to a third party, and thus an element of risk will always exist. When coming up with a list of services/functions to outsource, weigh the risk of having these services outsourced individually.
  4. Take a phased approach – after considering the costs, the benefits and the risks of the services/functions you choose to outsource, taking a phased approach to implementing the outsourcing project can dramatically increase the probability of success. Why? Phasing the project out helps to overcome your team’s resistance to change, creates an opportunity to incorporate lessons learned, and ensures that high-quality is achieved.


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