Motivation determines how well you know your employees

A key tool in employee retention is knowing your people.  This week we will look at how this sums up into motivation. 


Winston Churchill once said that ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that counts’ – but how can you keep everyone motivated in such a fast paced competitive working environment?

Let’s start with defining the word in itself: Motivation is a goal oriented characteristic that is built on each and every individual.  In other worlds, it depends on how far you know people, your employees and their needs.

In any company it is crucial in having the right motivators – personnel that have an open perspective; are approachable to the human side of employees; understand the basic needs of the team; and aligned to the company’s vision.


But are motivators enough in knowing what your people are and need?  We have established three (3) main factors that motivate employees:

  1. Financial remuneration – first of all it’s getting paid fairly for the work you are commissioned to do so – this gives employees a sense of security. However, when it comes to financial remuneration, research has shown that being rewarded and getting something extra in one’s pockets for extra efforts over and above the job deliverables, has proven to motivated and encourage employees to work harder and more efficiently.
  2. Career growth – studies have shown that having the possibility of a career path at the workplace motivates employees. This creates a sense of continuity rather than consistency, and through a Personal Development Plan employees are allowed to grow within their role through continuous training and coaching, but also possibly explore going beyond the parameters of their role and delve into new horizons that other roles within the company may bring along.
  3. Employee appraisals – employee recognition has also scored high as a motivator amongst employees. Employees are motivated by employers/companies who recognise the employee’s work, effort and commitment to the work through rewards, activities, and also through keeping an open communication channel where employees can voice their thoughts and know they will be listened to.


We can see that ultimately, motivation is about knowing your employees, listening to their requests, understanding their requirements.  Ultimately, pressing the right buttons will result in better recognition and higher motivation which will ultimately result in energized employees that will deliver a greater output.  The question remains: if not now than when? Find a way that brings together what motivates your employees to what motivates you as the company and use it to reach higher goals.


Meet Gabriella:

“I have been working with Centrecom for six (6) years” – That’s a big thing isn’t it considering the many opportunities today, so we asked Gabbie how does Centrecom motivate her and here’s what she said.

“Ever since I started, that was six years ago as a Customer Service Agent, I always felt that my work and efforts were being appreciated.  I never felt I was just another employee or a number on the headcount! On the contrary, the company has always made me feel that my work contributed to its success.  Today, in my new role I encourage the same motivating factors and work ethic with my team maintaining an open communication environment and ensuring that the workplace is our second home.

Further to this, Centrecom has allowed me to not only find a job I was happy at, in a working environment that became my second home, but the company continuously offers its employees the opportunity to grow.  After only 18 months as a Customer Service Agent, I moved into Quality Assurance as a Trainer and Coach, and today in my current role as Quality Assurance Executive, I am now also part of other employees’ journey of career growth.”


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