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Airline Representation &
Revenue Accounting

Centrecom’s beginnings were deeply rooted within the Aviation industry. With its founders having 30+ years’ experience in the Aviation Industry, we have worked with many Airlines and Leaders in the industry, providing specific aviation related services.  Today, our Airline Specialised service include, besides customer support services, Revenue Accounting (for both Passenger and Cargo) and General Sales Agency (GSA) Services.

Besides the Customer Support Services that we offer to our Airline partners, we also have the knowledge in-house to manage Flight Reservations and Ticketing on behalf of our partners with exposure to the major booking systems such as SABRE, AMADEUS, GALILEO etc.  Over the years we have progressed from simple customer care to flight reservations, ticketing issues, medical requests, travel arrangements, refunds and much more.

We offer a complete 360 solution to support our Airline partners with the back office operations too.  Our expertise in business process outsourcing, and in particular specialised Airline Revenue Accounting, benefits airlines further by allowing our airline partners to focus on their main services while providing a cost-effective solution that will help the Airline obtain fast revenue recovery. Our unique and focused approach to quality service, places us in the position whereby we have complete confidence in our ability to deliver the best solutions to address the requirements of our customers.  Our teams boast a wealth of experience in this industry as we employ a number of experts experienced in back office processes such as sales data processing, Fare, Tax, commission audit, Flight pack, flown processing and much more. We have successfully taken over the internal revenue accounting departments of a number of airlines, modernising their systems and re-engineering their processes for dramatically improved service and efficiency.

We also ensure to have our airline partners covered at point of sale through our GSA Services. Through our sister company, Aviation Online, we have become the customer interface for various legacy world-renowned airlines, offering sales, marketing, ticketing and travel advisory services for both local and overseas markets. As a leading General Sales Agency, with almost 70 years’ experience in the industry, the company represents some of the most prominent international airlines with the aim of strengthening each of our partners’ presence in the various markets by selling their flights, and promoting their routes, services and products.

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We offer a range of service clusters that can be tailored into a well-fitting package that helps your aviation business cut costs whilst providing higher service standards. We can also take care of your multi-channel customer support by providing all our customer facing services through your digital platforms for a seamless customer experience.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the Aviation industry coupled with our multi-lingual 24/7 capability across all your multi-channel platforms can help you grow customer loyalty and repeat business for a great reputation that supports business growth at a fraction of the cost this would cost to provide in-house. We provide our customers with the peace of mind to focus on core business whilst engaging experienced professionals who have mastered the skills and knowledge of revenue accounting. We assess, design and implement comprehensive business reporting, and enhanced customer support services that set the stage for growth.

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