Richard Branson once said that ‘free publicity and word of mouth is probably the best and cheapest form of advertising.”  In any business environment and in any company, word of mouth is very powerful.  What people say about the company, about their employer not only impacts other employees, present and future, but also impacts a company’s reputation.


The first area that is covered in Employee Engagement is a key driver called ‘SAY’.  In a survey conducted by AON, a leading global professional services firm, the SAY driver was defined as the “employee advocacy” simply because employees act as advocates when saying things about the company they work for.


Here at Centrecom we believe that our greatest assets are our people, our team of advocates.  As our employees are the engine behind our organisation’s success, we have always made sure to LISTEN to what they SAY.


Have a look at what our employees SAY about Centrecom and the #CentrecomLife

Meet Erika:

  • Nationality Maltese
  • Age 27 year old mother of three
  • Working with Centrecom since October 2017

Meet Evelina:

  • Nationality Bulgarian
  • Age 33 years old
  • Working with Centrecom since February 2018

Meet Miryea:

  • Nationality Maltese
  • Age 20 years old
  • Working with Centrecom since July 2018


How would you describe Centrecom’s work culture?

  • Erika says “Centrecom is a company that embraces equality, regardless of race, gender or religion, supporting employees in maintaining a work-life balance and giving opportunities for growth”
  • Evelina says “coming to work is like being part of a multi-national team working on different areas but guided by great leaders.
  • Miryea says “Centrecom promotes teamwork and participation with a friendly working environment that focuses on development and empowerment.”


What do you think of the facilities offered by the company?

  • Erika says “One word – accessible! The range of facilities is extensive and comfortable to access by everyone. The company is flexible with everyone.”
  • Evelina says “Our modern, comfortable and well-kept ambiance allows for plenty space for everyone to work in.”
  • Miryea says “the company provides a safe and healthy working environment accessible to all. Centrecom also provides flexible hours especially to mothers and students.”


What would you say of Centrecom as an employer?

  • Erika says “I would rather describe Centrecom as Family rather than an Employer. The management and all the colleagues make work an extension of home.”
  • Evelina says “Working for Centrecom is an opportunity. The appreciation shown towards all of us for the hard work and dedication is what makes Centrecom a great and caring employer.”
  • Miryea says “Centrecom as an employer is a strong and positive leader that encourages an open communication with all the staff, ensuring that everyone is working well, that feedback is listened and replied to, and that goals are met. Centrecom helps me stay focused on my job while building relationships with my colleagues.”


Last but not least, what do you SAY about Centrecom to the outside world?

  • Erika says “The only words I SAY are working with Centrecom is a lifetime experience, where an individual will grow personally and professionally, learning to be a team player and being supported and appreciated throughout.”
  • Evelina says “I have 2 words to SAY to best describe Centrecom: ‘a journey’ and ‘a positive experience’. Everyone who is dedicated and loves what they do are welcome on board J.”
  • Miryea says “This is easy – I SAY Centrecom is a big family – everyday it’s about working in a positive environment, where work is fun, where work is about being part of a team.”


Are you looking to join Erika, Evelina and Miryea and become part of our family? Get in touch with our HR team:

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